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Quaker Parakeet Connection - The Quaker Parakeet Connection is a ring of sites that are owned by those who breed, raise, keep or have an intereste in

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Quaker Parakeet Connection

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The Quaker Parakeet Connection is a ring of sites that are owned by those who breed, raise, keep or have an intereste in quaker parakeets! Due to the rising popularity of quakers as pets, more and more sites are being created that focus on quakers, and more people are interested in visiting these sites.


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   Feathers n Fur Preview Go
Site dedicated to and written for, about, and by our pets....Murphy and Munchkin the Quakers, Misty the African Grey, Woody the Cockatiel, and Charm the Papillon pup.
   Angela's Addictions Preview Go
Corkey the Quaker,Other pet birds,Bird chats,Bird home pages I will be adding wav files of my quaker soon!!
   The Quaker Pack Preview 2 review(s) — Go
Meet my Quakers! Andy rules the roost, but he was recently joined by Zap and Road Bug, two babies split to blue Quakers. Lots of pictures of my little green chickens!

   Spotted Eagle's Flight Aviary Preview Go
Breeders ofering ICA closed banded Cockatiels in many mutations, uncluding some the hot new "albino" (white faced lutino) and white face babies with splits available, Quakers, Dusky Pionus, African Species, Budgies, Bourkes Parakeets, Diamond and Ring Neck Doves, and more. We have a breeder loan program and a payment plan available. Just ask!
   Valeen's Birdhouse Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Me, my birds, and my adoption/reunion. And of course QUAKERS!!!
   CaraBella's Quaker Page Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Home page of Reba the Quaker Parrot with pictures and information
   My first lineolated parakeet Preview Go
Lots of pretty pics.
   Jade, A Quaker Preview 1 review(s) — Go
Jade is a Texas based Quaker Parakeet. Visit his site for updates on what is going on in his life, the lives of the birds he lives with, and the people he owns.
   Pepe's Birdie Page Preview Go
Our homepage dedicated to our beautiful quaker parakeet caught in the wilds of Puerto Rico. He's beautiful, handsome and the #1 bird with us. Come take a peek!
   Nancy's Quaker Page Preview Go
All kinds of information about Texas native and non-natives plants. Things to do here - download free wallpapers of Texas plants & critters; get help identifying plants; research uses, recipes and pictures of plants; visit the community forum, chat, seed exchange or guestbook; AND much more.

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