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German Shepherd Dog Ring

Manager: genessa
Breeds > German Shepherd Dog
Find here German Shepherd (Alsatian) breeders, exhibitors, handlers, owners, owned, lovers, loved and enthusiasts, plus suppliers for and rescuers of.  Mixes of Shepherd and something else may also be honored here.  We like long hair, short hair, of any ancestry, of any color or color mix.  We like pets and working dogs, police dogs and baby's best friend, dogs trained or being trained for showing, herding, obedience, schutzhund, ring sport, agility, tracking and more; dogs who sniff outs drugs or bodies; doggies whose main exercise is fetching frisbees, or even beautiful couch potatoes


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   Krystnas GSDs Preview Go
UK kennel based in the Scottish Borders. Please take a look at the website to see details of our dogs past present and future and the occasional litter of puppies.

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   Lionheart -- King's Dilemma Preview Go
Another story about my childhood German Shepherd, King.
   lionheart! Preview Go
My personal pages about my childhood German Shepherds, Big King and War King, and other matters meaningful to me.

   Lionheart -- Loving King Preview Go
A story about my childhood dog, King.
   A Tribute to Max Preview Go
This site is dedicated to my German shepherd "Miracle Max." It is a site for any dog lover.
   Lionheart -- An Ordinary Adventure Preview Go
A story, written by my fiancée, about the adventures of my childhood German Shepherd, King. Although the story is fictional, and told from King's point of view, it is based on real incidents in King's life. - German Shepherds! Preview Go
We Ship WORLDWIDE! Your Source for Unique Animal Collectibles & Gifts from All Over the World! From Aardvarks to Hippos to Zebras and everything in between! Almost Every Breed of Dog and Many Cat Breeds! (as well as many Non-Animal items Like Joan Baker and AMIA Glass Panels!)
   Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club Preview Go
The Diablo Valley German Shepherd Dog Club was formed in 1971. With subsequent approval from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, we were licensed by the American Kennel Club to hold point shows and obedience trials. The primary objective of our club is to protect and advance the interests of the German Shepherd breed. We present a variety of educational programs and events to meet thi
   Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs Preview Go
Sahiela German Shepherd Dogs Color Genetics Research and Information Site!
   Kiokee German Shepherds of Georgia Preview Go
Kiokee Working German Shepherds - Dogs Title in all working areas - German and AKC titles

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