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Manager: a1texas
A Ring of people who breed, show, work, or just own and love the german shepherd with 100% European bloodlines.

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   vom Himmel-coda Preview Go
I am a GSD fancier. I enjoy all aspects of K9 sports, including SAR and the OB ring.Please visit my site to see my dogs. I update frequently so check back often to see updated pictures!
   Adlerhimmel Working German Shepherds Preview Go
We are a German Shepherd breeder focused on producing a genetically healthy and balanced German Shepherd puppy. Our German Shepherd puppies have the versatility to thrive in all environments. Whether your purpose for owning a German Shepherd be for a family dog, working dog, sport dog, guard dog, watch dog, and a best friend.
   Sander-Haus German Shepherds Preview Go
Puppies available once or twice a year, 100% European bloodlines! All of our breeding dogs are hip x-rayed and/or hip & elbow x-rayed. We have genetically tested several dogs over the years for vWD (von Willebrandís disease, a bleeding disorder), Hemophilia carrier status *females* (a bleeding disorder genetically passed from the female line), have done Thyroid panels and have had eyes checked. Please visit our site for a lot of information on our dogs, on the German shepherd breed and about any available puppies or upcoming litters.

   Zwinger von Fenja Preview Go
We specialize in German import highline dogs with great beauty, sound nerves, workability, and intelligence. We are active in conformation, Schutzhund, obedience and herding.
   A Plus West German Puppies in Kansas Preview Go
JUNE 2003: PUPPIES AVAILABLE..Almost Ready to take home. This litter is from Argus von der Barker Heidi--V rated, SchH. 3 titled, German Import! Stoneridge Ranch takes pride in producing healthy puppies from the best in West German bloodlines. Our puppies are the highest quality family companions, working dogs or show dogs.
   von der Solution Kennels Preview Go
German Shepherd kennel for sport and work. Pups and imports available.
   German Shepherds Vom Linmarc Preview Go
Established in 1962. Breeding black sable German Shepherds from the old East German (DDR) bloodlines as well as from Czech Republic bloodlines. Steve Lino is 3 time member of USA's world championship team; 1989 North American SchH3 Champion; 25 year member of Sch USA.
   TopGSD - German Shepherd Importing and Training Preview Go
Quality not Quantity - that's our aim! We help to import GSD directly from Germany at reasonable prices and can help with training for SchH too
   Strothman Shepherds Preview Go
Lots of information. West German, DDR (East German), and Czech bloodlines. Dedicated to the improvement of the Working German Shepherd. Pups occasionally. Beloit, Wisconsin.
   Schutzshep Kennels Australia Preview Go
Schutzshep Kennels Breeds and competes with some of the worlds best working bloodlines available. We are actively involved in Schutzhund and our dogs are titled Sch3 IPO3 ZVV3 SVV3 FH and we have BSP competitors.We have 100%Czech , 100%West German and 100›R.Quality and Excellence

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