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Goats - World of Goats has one purpose: to introduce you to the world of goats. There are many goat breeds represented here incl

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Manager: oasisranch
World of Goats has one purpose: to introduce you to the world of goats. There are many goat breeds represented here including pygmy goats, boer goats, and angora goats among others. Members of this webring maintain websites providing excellent information on specific breeds, nutritional needs, housing, breeding and genetics, and other husbandry information. They also enjoy showing photographs of prize winning goats. Some are for fiber, others are raised for their milk or their meat. If you want information about goats, this is the webring to surf.


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Singing Goats - 06/06/2013
you will laugh your a__ off

Replied - 06/06/2013
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Replied - 06/08/2013
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Replied - 06/19/2013
reposted by BlastTV Brian

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