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Fila Brasileiro - Looking for an incredible pooch to guard your home or estate? Consider a Brazilian Mastiff, or Fila Brasileiro. This big

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Fila Brasileiro

Thank you for posting your valued questions & opinions! This Webring is open to websites dedicated to the Fila Brasileiro; an exceptional Brazilian molossoid dog breed and all other canines!

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Joćo Ridgley do Eshabeta II cynosural 08/05/2011 (1 posts) This is an all inclus   more
socialization forumguest 04/22/2007 (1 posts)
how is her temperment with strangers? yes it is too late in a sense....fil   more
Fila Brasileiro forumguest 04/22/2007 (3 posts)
how much white...more than chest and foot?   more
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